The Journey

Part of maturing and expanding a business is realizing when your image doesn’t quite reflect you anymore and it’s time to reinvent. How do great businesses build a better brand while maintaining the core values and mission that reflect their past and look ahead to the future? As we took a good long look at where LilyGild came from, we realized that a fresh brand, including a new website is the next stage in the evolution of our business. As we reviewed our former website we realized it wasn’t us anymore. How did we get here? That’s a GREAT question…

Every great journey starts somewhere and LilyGild is no different. Our friendship started over, what else? An unforgettable event. We were both in a mutual friend’s wedding and ended up sitting next to each other at the reception dinner. Five years later we realized our friendship also made for a great partnership. Rea already had a successful Murder Mystery Troupe, Foul Play Players but together both of us had a greater vision. Over Labor Day weekend in 1990, we formed a business plan for what would be the beginnings of LilyGild LTD. Combining our theatrical and corporate backgrounds, we designed three products that we labeled “Business Theatre.”

We kicked Murder Mysteries up a notch by making them interactive with participants playing roles and interacting with the characters. All the action took place on stage and they were solvable if you watched, listened and asked the right questions. The only time they were completely successfully solved with all the clues was by a team of Army MPs. That was pretty exciting! We reached into our backyard and put together a team of writers who were able to integrate corporate messaging in an entertaining and memorable way: “Comedy To Go.” Two of our most memorable experiences were writing safety briefings for DuPont and a “Who’s On First” sketch introducing the new CEO for KPMG. Our third product was centered on team building: “Treasure Hunts and Truck Murders.”

In 1991 LilyGild rebranded, and we both committed to the long haul of opening our doors for not only creative and dramatic content but technical support as well. We focused on promoting a unified brand, strong customer service, while promoting a unique identity in the meeting space. We cut our teeth in the financial industry working with Chase Manhattan Bank through three mergers and Schwab Capital Markets. We became masters at innovative Town Halls and producing Meetings In A Box. We moved on to work all over the US staging client and C-level meetings where we became instrumental in helping present content in new and fresh ways. The result? LilyGild stepped up to be a full-scale creative communication and event production company that did what few other companies do. Listen.

Over the years we have developed a diverse client base, both corporate and non-profit, and built many strategic alliances. Those partners share the same ethical and professional values that are the core of our business philosophy. We embrace a flexible work schedule that allows for family time, client time and even beat a crushing cancer diagnosis long before companies embraced these trends. We wanted a business that not only do we love owning, but a place people would love being an employee at. We built a company that reflects our personal business philosophy: always treat people the way we wanted to be treated, find exciting and challenging projects and to continually grow personally and professionally. Those rules stand today in both our mission and hiring guidelines.

Here at LilyGild we don’t just build events; we create enterprising experiences. We like to think what makes us different is not necessarily how we started, but where we’ve been and where we’re going. Because we know that experience is what drives change. And people are what drive your business.