Capabilities: Planning Through Execution

Production and Creative Development

  • Conference Theming & Technical Agenda Analysis
  • Immersive Creative Programing
  • Script, Lyric and Speech Development
  • Speaker & Entertainment Selection, Direction, and Rehearsal
  • Scenic, Lighting, Sound, Video and Graphic Design

Video Production & Visual Communication

  • Complete Production, Direction, Shooting and Editing
  • Animation and Graphic Development
  • Full Post Production Support
  • Power Point Presentation Design and Execution

Full Technical Logistics

  • Exhibit, Stage & Scenery Fabrication
  • Venue Selection & Contract Negotiation
  • Transportation Coordination
  • Technical Direction and Production Stage Management
  • Design, Installation, and AV Technical Support & Labor
  • Budget & Equipment Cost Management

Full Technical Logistics

Team: Check out the About Us page. Those faces will actually be the people putting together your event. They specialize in everything from creative development to truck packing! We’ll make sure everything is ship-shape, from Power Point to parties. We hand pick our team to be creative, diverse, and most importantly, flexible, because our team is your team. And we think events should be more than networking coffee breaks and weird ballroom carpeting.

Travel: We’re going places! So wherever your company decides to roam, we’ll be right behind you to make sure camp is set and the kettle is on. For events throughout Europe, see our LilyGild Europe website here.

Not sure where to go? LilyGild makes sure that your location provides everything you need. We can help you determine what’s happy and what’s downright costly. Let us help you preserve your budget by picking the perfect location. Did someone say Poughkeepsie?

Equipment: “If you don’t have the right tools, then you have nothing.” Said some empty handed Greek sculptor during the renaissance. We make sure you always have the right tools for the job. From moving lights to clip lights, microphones to flip charts, we make sure the design, installation and technical support all work together to make sure the event runs smoothly and efficiently. Because without a chisel, David is just a big rock…

Got Graphics? We know how to show ‘em off. Need a graphic or not sure how to incorporate one into your theme? Let us help you put together a look that will wow your team and keep ‘em talking for years to come. Match this with our dynamic animation driven power point and video editing and you have the ultimate visual combo.

Uh, what about the… Budget? Don’t worry! We make sure that all costs are specific and understandable. (Good idea, huh?) LilyGild is streamlined with over 20 years of experience, so we can build a unique event that falls in line with your budget. Because your event should end with a surprise, it just shouldn’t be the bill.

Psssssst! Got a little event? Call us! We specialize in intimate settings that help you create a lasting bond with your team and clients. Because not all events need that extra pyro…