Race for the Cure
A three camera shoot in Central Park used to promote a company’s emotional and uplifting participation in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.

Women Presidents' Educational Organization
A 10th Anniversary film focusing how the Women Presidents' Educational Organization began, what its brand means presently, and where it plans to go. We combined animation and interviews from WPEO members and member corporations to underscore their mission and improve brand awareness.

TIAA Cartoon
Animation creatively drives a memorable explanation of how a Charter for an organization changed the company for the better.

Working Mother Best Companies
A brief interview with the CEO frames the conference’s content while sound bites and integrating relevant visuals support her salient points.

Star Wars Roll
Simple, economical and celebratory way to say “YEAH” to the employees who excel in their jobs .

Ackerman Institute
A branding video for the Ackerman Institute’s role as a leader in the field of family therapy.  We integrated employee commentary to reflect the skill and knowledge of the staff, the courage of the families and the positive outcome that is the result of collaborative work.

Washington Business Journal
The Washington Business Journal celebrated the Best Real Estate Deals in a multitude of categories using pictures and animation to display each property. We incorporated the playful design of the gala to highlight each one of the entrants’ spectacular examples of architecture.

A promotional film created to follow up a successful tech expo.  The use of “on the floor” interviews and photos produces a brand video that serves to peak interest for prospective clients and reinforce the success of the event for the stakeholders.